Sunday, July 20, 2008

His Lion’s Face in the Mirror

While driving to work the other day, the morning radio show were asking listeners to phone in with their stories if they had ever been mistaken for celebrities.

Caller after caller recounted how someone had thought they looked like this or that celebrity and each had a humorous tale to tell.

Then one man phoned in. His perception of the subject really made an impact.

Instead of saying, “Well people say I look like AndrĂ© Agassi…”, he boldly began his story with, “A lot of people say that AndrĂ© Agassi looks a lot like me”!

I’m sure you’ve seen this picture of the kitten looking at the lion’s face in the mirror…“What matters most is how you see yourself.”

Well, hearing this man on the radio, this kitten’s image immediately sprung to mind. This man is a perfect example of the message in motion!

(unfortunately I don’t know where the pic originated - it’s been around on the net a long time - so apologies for not crediting the source…)

On the Lighter Side: